The Electric cinema and brasserie suffered a fire a few months ago and the owners seized the opportunity to re-invent the restaurant as well as refurbish the entire premises. So instead of the brasserie we now got the Electric Diner.

The Diner certainly looks like one, with red comfy booths as well as seats at the bar. The latter ones have the added benefit of watching the chefs at work, as everything is prepared right in front of you - as good as entertainment as you could hope for. There are no reservations and the place is busy, but there are plenty of places in the area to have a drink at after putting your name down for a table.

The food on offer doesn’t so much remind of a diner, apart from being no-fuss, laid back indulgence. But the cooking and the taste of it was spot on. In fact, every bit of the ingredients assembled on our plates was amazing in its own right. The steak was bursting with flavour and cooked to perfection (on the charcoal open fire right in front of us as it happens), the chips that came with it were crunchy and tasty and the bearnaise brilliant. The chicken with garlic jus was juicy, flavoursome and came with a charcoal-grilled scent that gave it an extra kick. We opted for a salad with our mains instead of starters - and what a salad it was. I don’t believe I’ve ever raved about salads on this blog, but this raw vegetable, apple, blue cheese and walnuts was absolutely amazing. Filled with juicy veg (not all of which are usually served raw - beatroot for example) with mouthwatering dressing and seasoning, the blue cheese and walnuts were almost a distraction. It might just be the best salad I’ve ever been served.

Seating at the bar allowed us to watch as other dishes were being prepared and making us want to come back for more. Wine and drinks selection was good and the stuff easy-going but efficient.

Overall, a gem of a place, can’t wait to go back. Even if you’re not combining it with a visit to the cinema next door (and you should, there’s super-comfy armchairs and sofas - plus donuts!) it’s a must, can’t recommend it enough!