Babylon sits on the 7th floor of a building in the middle of High Street Kensington, with the Roof Gardens (a club by the same owners) sitting on the 6th floor below.

Babylon is more about the experience than about just having dinner. Not that the food isn’t good - with the exception of a main of lamb which came across slightly bland and dry, the smoked eel with horseradish starter successfully joined some bold flavours, the goat cheese starter was delightful, the beef fillet and langoustine main was an unusual but delicious dish, and the desert selection was imaginative and fulfilling. Aside from that though, a lot of effort is put in to the friendly and efficient service, the dish design (the deserts are particularly elaborate) and the whole experience of having a drink on the terrace before dinner and the visiting the night club downstairs after.

A big selling point of the place is of course the garden and the view. The 6th floor has a large area around the club with a garden you wouldn’t believe is on top of a building: there are fully grown trees as well as streams with ducks swimming in them and small bridges to cross. This also provides an eerie feeling when sitting on the terrace of the restaurant of the 7th floor, as the view of Royal Albert Hall, the London Eye, and as far as Canary Wharf is visible just a few inches over the tree tops.

The price tag of course reflects all this. For example, there were no mains under £20, the cocktails (in the club at least) were a bit over £10 and having had dinner at the restaurant only gets you out of queueing for the club but not out of paying the £10 entrance fee.

Still, Babylon is overall a good choice for a special occasion, particularly in good weather, so long as you’re prepared for the price tag. Book a late table, have a drink in the terrace taking in the view, have a design dinner and then descend to the club for a night-cap. It’s bound to be a great Saturday night out.