After a long walk by the river in the beautiful weather, dinner al fresco at a pub outdoor area seemed just the thing to do. And as we chanced by Gordon Ramsay’s stab at a gastropub (which we were meaning to visit), that seemed like a good place for it.

It’s the first visit to one of Gordon Ramsay’s establishments, and food did not disappoint. Both starters (salmon and beetroot salad with ricotta) were well balanced without being too much. The sausage and mash main was very satisfying, definitely one of the best I’ve had, while the sole fillet with vegetables was tasty and light. The terrace was lovely and quiet, and the indoor dining area (more like a restaurant than a pub) looked very cosy for colder evenings. The only thing that left something to be desired was the service, as we had to ask for our food menus and for our bill twice.

But overall it was definitely an enjoyable visit with very good food, and at a very reasonable price. Worth a visit.