This is the third entry in a series of reviews of startups that were present at the Next Web 2008 conference.

Soocial has set out to solve the fragmentation of your Contacts. I don’t know about you, but I have friend’s and colleague’s contacts all over the place, mainly split between various email clients and my mobiles. There are websites or tools lying around promising to import your contacts, but what about synchronising back? Well, soocial promises to synchronise from and to your phone (400+ phone models supported) , GMail, Highrise, OS X Address Book, while also providing a web front end to manage it all.This is a very clear proposal, when the (very wacky) guy presented it everyone got it straight away and started asking for more (”how about Outlook?”, “how about synching your calendar?”). I’m waiting for an invite for the closed beta, but Kerry tell me it works. Bring it on! Oh, and check out their 404 page. Very wacky too.